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Hello! My name is Kyle Wood, traveler of the realms stories whisk me off to and caretaker of some of my own. I graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology in April of 2021, with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. I currently live in Redmond, Washington.

My primary focus is User Experience and User Interface design, with a secondary yet equally strong passion for Narrative Design. I think the two are inexorably tied though, as good game feel and elegantly themed menus not only help further the immersion and focus on the narrative taking place, but can even help to heighten it. Game Feel is what helps ascend good games to masterpieces, after all. I enjoy every minute of working with all manner of departments, helping shape the experiences we create into

life-changing works of art.

I've worked in Unity for most of my time in game development. I've also worked with many Unity tools, such as Fungus, Playmaker, or GameFlow. Despite my focus on Unity, I've experimented with Unreal Engine as well, and know enough about the landscape to work proficiently. I've also familiarized myself with a number of external tools used by all manner of disciplines, such as Photoshop, Mixcraft, and Maya.

Outside of making games my other hobbies remain mostly in the same ballpark: creating characters and worlds and doing my best to expose myself to all manner of multimedia. While I certainly have my favorites (Rustic/Natural aesthetics, Fantasy, 3D Platformers, and Character-driven Narratives) I try my best to diversify and try all manner of experiences. A professor early on suggested being open to things, as the more you do, the more things you'll have to pull from when designing. I've done my best to take this wisdom to heart, in both game design and life. There are multiple libraries of games I've explored my way through, playing a little bit of everything and finding some surprising new favorites I'd have never found otherwise. And I do my best to bring that knowledge and passion for the unknown and undiscovered into every project I work on.

Design Skills

UI Wireframing

User Flows

User Research

Persona Creation

System Design

Rapid Prototyping



Software Skills


Unreal Engine

GameFlow (Unity Tool)

Fungus (Unity Tool)

Visual Studio

Abobe Suite



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